• One touch drug access

    No needles. No multiple vial punctures.
    Vials are secured in just seconds. Maximize safety and improve efficiency.

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  • Drug selection made simple

    A menu of injectable drugs allows the drug, concentration and volume to be quickly selected on the touch screen. The Navigator remembers the drug combination you used the last time, maximizing efficiency.

  • Patient Prescription

    If it's the same prescription as your prior injection, simply touch "Confirm" and the Navigator is ready to draw the dose.

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  • Dose preparation
    in seconds

  • Injection

    Programmable delivery speeds for maximum flexibility. Volume information and resistance are continuously updated. Steady fluid flow, small gauge needles and an ergonomic hand piece maximize comfort for your patients.

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  • Plug and Play
    Ultrasound Integration

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  • Capture Images and
    Data For Later Review

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